[Bonwicke] Calling all fighers

Elizabeth Spears hlniccola at excite.com
Wed Sep 26 19:26:26 PDT 2001

Bonwicke is having a new comers tourney and medieval cooking contest on
October 13th. We invite you to come to Bonwicke and play with us, if you
want to do a fighter practice here, please come, we will be glad to beat on
you. More information to come on place and time.


On Wed, 26 Sep 2001 19:31:34 -0500, bonwicke at ansteorra.org wrote:

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>  Sir Aaron has just asked me to send this post.
>  The Fray are coming to the west on October 12 weekend.  They are wanting
to meet in Abilene Sweetwater area for a war practice.  They are looking
people to fight with them at gulf this year.  They have already formed with
the Arthurian company and are looking to form a brigade including the
western region.  Ask around amongst your fighters to judge interest.  I
would appreciate one of the Abilene fighters getting on touch with me to
find a place to hold this event.
>  In service to the Dream
>  Bran
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