[Bonwicke] Calling all fighers

HL Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Thu Sep 27 09:21:33 PDT 2001

Lady Ryah,

Please do not be insulted that was certainly not my intent. I was
merely working under the misunderstanding that the Fray was speaking
of camping at Sweetwater Lake and therefore would be needing to pay
for the site to Sweetwater Lake, that was my mistake and I apologize
for that. No where in my email did I suggest that Mendersham as a
Shire would be charging them money or that Mendersham is an unfit
place to hold an event, on the contrary Mendersham seems to be the
best place to hold and event as it is situated in an area that is
convenient for many in the Kingdom to travel to, plus I have been
told that the city counsel in Sweetwater has been very happy with us
and is thinking of offering to donate money to the Sweetwater site to
help expand it for us. I would say that all told Mendersham is a
great place to hold an event and I think that if you go back and
reread my email you will see that any thought to the contrary was
never in my mind. I am sorry if it seemed otherwise please know that
was not my intent. I hope that there are no ill feelings, I would
hate to lose the friendship of you Lady Ryah and the rest of my
friends in Mendersham. I am sorry.

In service,
Kainin - Not Niccola (that was my email, not hers)

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