[Bonwicke] Calling all fighers

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I will be at Namron protectorate on Oct 12th through the 15th, But I hope
that all the fighters from Adlersruhe not traveling with me will be abe to
attend this practice. can hear the call to arms.

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Hyet
WR Rapier commander

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> Greetings friends in the West,
> Her Ladyship Niccola is correct, we in Bonwicke are having an all day
> event on October the 13th. The primary focus is for newcomers to
> experience something other than a fighter practice and see us
> practice various aspects of the game. However, we will have plenty to
> do for everyone no matter how long you have played. There will be
> classes throughout the day along with a chivalric tournament (prize
> to the winner) and rapier demonstration (full tournament if we have
> enough). I am sure that we could get a chess game going or some
> dancing if there is interest. Then that evening there will be a feast
> with some of the food being provided from the Medieval cooking
> contest that we are holding that is open to anyone (again prize to
> the winner), the rest will be provided from local stores. After the
> feast we will have a full court with awards given to those who were
> not in attendance of Gothic and therefore not able to receive their
> award. These were not read into law then, so this court is important.
> This is an important event to us and we are hoping that as many of
> you can come as possible. I would like to make the following
> suggestion to the Fray; come to Bonwicke have a great time on
> Saturday visiting with your friends here, talking tactics and war
> stories, competing in the tournament, breaking bread with us,
> honoring those who get awarded in court and possibly reveling
> afterward. Then on Sunday we can all meet at the park and practice
> war until the sun goes down. I would imagine that Sweetwater would
> want to charge for the use of the site whereas the park here is free.
> I am sure that we can find places to crash for anyone that is staying
> over. I hope that this is a workable solution, we really would like
> for this event to be a success and to share the fun of the day with
> all our friends in the West and the Fray.
> In service,
> Kainin
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