[Bonwicke] Crown Tournament Lost & Found and Thank You

HL Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Fri Apr 12 15:46:06 PDT 2002

Greetings unto all good gentles,

I am embarrassed that this is being posted so late but mundane work
schedule and problems with email have kept me from it, please forgive
my lateness.

Lost & Found List:

Brass Goblet
Black Coffee Cup
Digital Camera
Blue Table Cloth
Head Band
Pewter Mug
2 Rattan Swords
Fiberglass Spear

Please contact me at seneschal at bonwicke.org if any of these items
sound like yours.

Thank You:

I have many people to thank and I could not have done this event
without any of them. To Honorable Lord Agnarr my undying thanks for
all of your hard work fining the site, negotiating the details,
delivering the checks, helping with setup and cleanup and making sure
that everything was in order. If you ever need help in a similar
situation please call on me and I am yours. I also want to thank the
Shire of Crossroade Keep as a whole for all their hard work and for
letting us host this event in their fair Shire. A special thanks to
Leon of Crossroade Keep and to Lady Elewys Luskcombe for helping in
the setup and again to Lady Elewys Luskcombe for taking over the
Water Bearing at a moments notice and without prior experience in
that role. I also thank all that helped her throughout the day. My
thanks to Lady Marianna le Fey and Honorable Lady Niccola Visconti
for working the gate all day Saturday. I would like to thank Master
Rosario and his crew for the wonderful feast, if you missed it, it
was to your loss. My thanks to Mistress Marthe for handling the
children's activities at the last minute and to Honorable Lord Larkin
for all that he volunteered to do, again at the last minute. My
thanks to all who heralded and marshaled throughout the day, I am
afraid that I did not get to see you all but I thank you for all your
hard work. My thanks to Honorable Lord Toshiro and to the wonderful
lady that helped him (who I met and promptly forgot her name, I am
sorry) for working the honor tree all day long and a big thank you to
Lord Gregory who made the tree and went beyond my expectations, a
beautiful job. My thanks to all who pitched in and helped in all the
numerous duties that cropped up during the day (especially clean up),
there are too many to name but you are all appreciated. A special
thank you to Lady AmaRyah for working so hard coordinating the first
site that we ended up not using. My thanks to their Excellencies
Bonwicke for all there help and support and a very special thank you
to Lady Revekka and Lady Serafina for the tireless support and work
that you gave me prior to, and during this event you were both life
savers. Last but certainly not least thanks to my wife, Honorable
Lady Oriana, for all of your love and support as well as your hard
work, I would have surely cracked if not for you. If I have missed
anyone (I feel certain that I have) please forgive me, it was a
hectic day and I simply forgot to write myself a note, but know that
you are appreciated.

In service,

In service to the Dream,

Honorable Lord Kainin Tepesa
Baronial Court Herald & Bearer of the Baronial Noose
Western Regional Chronicler
Seneschal to the Barony of Bonwicke
in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

kainin at copycraft.com

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