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Subject: Medieval Swordsmanship Symposium Scholarships

Dear Herr Maximilian der Zauberer,
Please help me spread the word about these scholarships. I am not a
subscriber to any of your Kingdom's lists since I live in Atenveldt, but I
need to tell SCA fighters about this quickly.
I attended the Medieval Swordsmanship Symposium and Pas d' Armes last year in
Livermore, CA and learned a tremendous amount about the history and science
of sword-fighting. Even though I am a Knight and a rapier fighter I had never
studied the works of the Medieval masters. This symposium gave me the
opportunity to learn from modern masters who have made it their life's work
to translate the ancient texts and interpret the diagrams so that they can
recover these lost arts of defense. Some classes were lecture but most were
hands on training like in any martial arts clinic. I was so jazzed that I
have put up the money for this scholarship myself so that other fighters like
myself can attend.
Please pass this information on to others in your kingdom. I am using this
method to get the word out quickly because the deadline is only about a month
away. That is to give the winners time to make travel arrangements.
Chivalry Sports Renaissance Catalog (http://www.renstore.com) in
conjunction with the Schola of St. George is offering two scholarships to
the 2nd Annual Medieval Swordsmanship Symposium and Pas d' Armes to be held
7th-9th, 2002 in Livermore, California. In addition to winning the admission
value), each scholarship winner will receive a check for $200 dollars to help
defray travel and lodging costs.
The three-day conference will bring in teachers from as far
way as Leeds, England and Australia to teach historical sword fighting
techniques from newly translated manuscripts of Medieval Europe's greatest
sword masters.
Many of the teachers are the author's of authoritative books on armor and
swordsmanship currently available through Chivalry Sports.
For more information about the speakers, classes and other activities as well
as the application go to http://www.chivalrysports.com/epages/symposium.html
Thank you,
Sir Jakob von Groningen
Barony of Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt
Jake Stirler, VP of Chivalry Sports


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