[Bonwicke] Officer Gathering

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Mon Apr 22 19:54:51 PDT 2002

I plan to attend - ah both, also, as I have went for golden pasteries(?, or
was frog stepped to the front of the line). As autocrat for Mendersham's
Defender in 2003, I will need to know what not to do, or when to run and
hide. (It weasn't me my amgic box duing thingys on own.)
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> *stumbling to feet and looking for which half of the skirt to step off of
> for a bow*  Why  er um ...
> Of course Your Majesties are both so welcome to attend.  It would be a
> pleasure if you could grace us with your company:))
> Ulrica
> Note to self...move meeting for insurrection to midnight
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