[Bonwicke] The Adventures of Toshiro

Cameron Cook bonwickejester at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 29 12:22:42 PDT 2002

We all missed you, my friend and teacher. I think I
speak for everyone when I say that we are all glad it
was nothing serious. Take care and see you on the
field soon.

Yours In Service Always,

William MacEwan

--- Jesus Cavazos <toshirokoi at hotmail.com> wrote:
> As some of you may know, I was supposed to be at
> Champions this last
> weekend. But that I was not there due to illness.
> And some of you wanted to
> know what was what. So here it is.
> Thursday morning I woke with severe abdominal pain.
> Kathy (Aziza my wife)
> and I talked about it and decide it must be one of
> those 24 hour stomach
> bugs so I stayed home from work and rested.
> Friday morning, after a restless night of pain, I
> was awaken by a muscle
> spasm that folded me into the fetal position. And
> the pain was now in my
> lower left abdomen and left kidney. It was then I
> decided this was not a 24
> hour bug. So I went to the doctor.
> After an hour and a half of waiting, in the waiting
> room and exam room, I
> got to seee the doctor. After the exam and some
> talking he decided he didn't
> know what was wrong. So he sent me to get so blood
> work and x-rays. I was to
> call later and find out the results. So I went home,
> still in pain. When I
> called at the appointed time, he was gone and the
> results were not in yet.
> Great.
> By this time the pain, or rather the one I noticed
> the most, was across both
> my kidneys. Having had very little sleep, I decided
> to take a nap. I laid
> down with a heating pad beneath me across my kidneys
> and fell asleep. When I
> woke, the pain was gone. First thought was, 'GREAT!
> I DON'T HURT.' Second
> thought was, 'How do I get to the event.' But before
> I could find a way,
> some of the pain came back. So I decided it might be
> best not to go.
> Except for some small "sore" spot in my lower left
> side, I'm feeling find.
> And the results of my tests, an office worker called
> me just before noon
> with the results.....nothing's wrong. I'm fine.
> Nice to know that even though I was in severe pain
> there was nothing wrong
> with me.
> Anyway, that was the adventure of Toshiro this
> weekend. Wish I could have
> been with you guys. It would have been a lot more
> fun.
> Hope to see you soon.
> Toshiro
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