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Tue Apr 30 12:50:48 PDT 2002

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I made it home without my chair when i went to champions.  It's a red and
black folding camp chair, with only one drink holder, and no carrying bag
(those things are so hard to keep up with)  It should have been near the
corner of the listfield that the crossroads pavilion was set up at.  If you
know the whereabouts of this chair please let me know, it has great
sentimental value, as it was passed down to me from my great uncle wally mart.

Ian Macleod, Blacklake
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>Subject: [Bonwicke] Missing Glaive : (
>Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 14:18:30 -0500
> Somehow I managed to make it home from Champions without my
>glaive. It
>was used in the lists by the marshals. Its an unpadded 7 1/2 footer
>white tape marking the cutting edge and a butt spike marked in black
>If anyone finds my baby will they let me know. We have been through
>together and I just hate wondering what has happened to her! Thanks.
>Jasper C.
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