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Subject: FWD: Electronic Distribution of SCA Publications - A Survey

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> Subject: FWD: Electronic Distribution of SCA Publications - A Survey
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> I post it for your information without permission nor comment.  Edwin
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> Subject: Electronic Distribution of SCA Publications - A Survey
> Date: 4 Feb 2002 11:49:26 -0800
> From: mcnutt at pobox.com (Bill McNutt)
> Organization: http://groups.google.com/
> Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
> I have opened an electronic survey to get a rough count of Paid Members
> of the SCA who would be willing or unwilling to take TI and the Kingdom
> Newsletters in electronic format to reduce production and distribution
> and perhaps lower the financial problems the national organization has
> recently advertised.
> My first response to the recent Request for Comments (RPC) from the SCA
> Board of Directors was to wonder what cost cost cutting measures might be
> available.  Being a technologist by nature, my first thought was that it
> possible to distribute large, complicated, and graphically rich
> documents in a fairly simple, inexpensive manner, using the free Acrobat
> File Reader
> by Adobe.  With that in mind, I have opened this simple survey to get a
> rough count of folks in the SCA who might be willing to cut postal and
> production costs for our newsletters by accepting them via electronic
> distribution and printing them themselves, or keeping them in electronic
> form.  Right now I don't know how long the BoD is going to wait for
> so I'll presume the window is short, and ask you to fill out this survey
> 2/22/2002.
> I encourage you to cross-post this announcement to any newletters or
> newgroups that might find it relevant.
> The URL for the survey is located at
> http://www.outreach.utk.edu/McNutt/SCA/digitalscapublications.htm
> Thank You,
> THL William McNaughton - Loose Cannon
> Thor's Mountain, Meridies
> Disclaimer
> This is not an authorized publication by anybody for any particular
> except me.  My Barony, Kingdom, and the SCA haven't authorized me to take
> this survey, or asked me to do it.  In fact, one or more of them will
> probably jack-slap me in a public forum for being a Loose Cannon.  So
> don't hold them responsible for not responding if the survey doesn't tell
> them what they want to hear, or for any spelling errors or procedural
> failures.
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