[Bonwicke] Border Wars and War Practice

chiang chiang at odsy.net
Wed Feb 6 11:57:54 PST 2002

  Coming up weekend after this one, that is Feb 15-17, Lindenwood is
sponsoring an event called Border Wars. It will be one of the last chances
for actual melee experience before Gulf. I would suggest to anyone that can
go, to go. Tell them I sent you<G>. It should be a fun time for everyone.
  Unfortunately, I can not go, work calls again. I will envy those that get
to go.
  For those that can not go either, I will have a war practice at Maxey
Park, in Bonwicke, our regular Sunday site.
 Valentine's Day will be over and you will not have an excuse. I know that I
could use the practice, what about you? Would really like to see eveyone
that can not go to Border Wars to come to Bonwicke to help out. Weather
permitting we can start just after lunch about 1:30. I will even sponsor a
tourney for those that show. I am sure that I have something worth giving
away, laying around here somewhere.
  So if you can go to Border Wars, I would suggest you go. If not then come
to Bonwicke.
  Yours in Service,
   HE Chiang, Western Warlord

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