[Bonwicke] iceaxe and 3 kings photos are up on the web

key connor constable_sca at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 7 07:36:38 PST 2002


  3 kings pt 3 280-331


  3 kings pt 1   1-190
  3 kings pt 2    191- 279


  Iceaxe     100-255

With me looking after my lady Lily now living in
San Antonio, being sick she is here in Austin. I
will not get Candlemas up until late this weekend
as I am adding comments to the bottoms of
interesting photos I have taken.

 Please enjoy and if you see pics that should
have or needs correcting please email me at
constable_sca at yahoo.com

In service to the dream we share...

Ld Key Connor

P.s. if Ldy Ashlin or someone in BJ please pass
along the link to the photos as I am not a member
of the yahoo group yet... so much to do and us
little devils can be every where...


Clan Macleod
Protege to Mistress Mirrim
Man at Arms to the Amazon household
Constable of Bryn Gwlad
Member of the Baronial Guard
and The New Auld Alliance

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