[Bonwicke] Greetings

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Wed Feb 20 19:59:28 PST 2002

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I, Yves de Byron of Mendersham, have neglected to get on this list until now. I am the rapier marshall, and chronicler for Mendersham. Have been in for 20 months now. I fight light, and as George has said "look like Radioactiveman" in my green tunic. Was AoAed Jan. at Bonwick's 12th night (the one in the apron going to the crown <G>). This year will be my first Gulf War, hopefully. I have my confirmation of pre-reservation in hand from Rebecca. Attended 11 events last year, and hope to make a few more this year if things go as planned.
                   Have beer - Will Travel                Ld Yves de Byron

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