[Bonwicke] A Question

Jane Lusk jlusk at crcom.net
Wed Feb 27 05:38:02 PST 2002

Greetings unto all of this fair region!

I had a question asked of me, for which I had no answer, so am passing
the question on to you good gentles.

In our daily newspaper yesterday was a mention of the upcoming Crown
Tourney, and my boss asked me what "Ansteorra" means.  I told him it was
the name of our kingdom, but he wanted more, like where did the name
come from and what does it mean.

So, can any of you answer these questions, please?  Are our kingdom
names just "made up"?  Where do these names come from?

Many thanks!

Your friend,
Ldy Elewys Luscomb
Crossrode Keep

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