[Bonwicke] Passe de Armes XIII Thank You's (kind of long)

Melinda aerin at tcac.net
Sat Jun 15 21:33:19 PDT 2002

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Greetings unto the Populace of Ansteorra!!

I want to thank everyone that came to Passe de Armes XIII last weekend, and I truly hope that all had a good time and come back next year!!

To our new Defenders, Lord Godfrey de Main Gauche and Honorable Lady Margaret MacDuff thank you for coming to defend our shire. To our Champion of Champions, Don Edward Mercer and Centurion Gustav Hastings, thank you once again for representing us as well as you do!! Also congratulations to our A&S Champion and Archery Champions whose names I do not have with me.

One person alone cannot do an event, it takes many people to cover all of the details. First and foremost I wish to thank my Co-steward Lady Isabeau, she covered alot of the little things that I didn't ever have time to do and kept me sane when things were going wrong. Secondly Lord Duncan Stewart, for stepping up and taking care of things that I simply could not take care of due to not having a pickup. Third to my feastocrats Lady Munday and Lord Alastair for an incredible feast!! To the most wonderful "bread lady" in the Kingdom, Anastasiia, thank you for traveling all the way from Steppes just to bring the bread for our feast!! To the Viking formerly known and Thorfinn, thank you for making such beautiful boxes and beds that we were able to give as prizes. Thank you to H. Lady Margaret MacDuff for the lovely chairs that we also gave as prizes. Thank you to Lady Artemesia de Viscontti for the great children's activities. Last but not least thank you to the entire populace of the shire for taking care of anything that you saw needed to be taken care of. If I have forgotten anyone I greatly apologize, and I do thank you.

In Service to the Love of the Dream,
Lady Aerin of Adlersruhe


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