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Mistress Clarissa asked that I make my local seneschals aware of the
following.  I am sending it to the list so that you may be aware of the
general information as well.


Please forward the following information to all your local seneschals!

Chronicler Information
1. Autocrats MUST be paid members of the society.

2. From the kingdom chronicler:  "On another matter, local chroniclers,
in particular those of shires and baronies, are reminded that they are
required by the Kingdom Chronicler Handbook, 1) to publish regularly, at
least on a bi-monthly basis, and 2) to provide printed (regardless of the
format used for distribution at the local level) copies of their
newsletters to the Kingdom Chronicler, their regional chronicler, the
Crown, the Heirs (if applicable), and the Deputy Kingdom Secretary."

3. Blackstar submission policies are being changed by the Kingdom
Chronicler and all Senschals and Chroniclers need to be aware of the
changes.  The new policies are below:

Send submissions to the Chronicler (see Regnum). Make checks payable to:
SCA, Inc. - The Black Star. All  submissions must be in the Chronicler's
mailbox by the first of the month prior to publication. The  deadline
does not change for Sundays and holidays.

If you are going to be late, you must inform the Chronicler before the
first of the month so that space may be reserved!!  Anything arriving
after the first is subject to refusal and has no guarantee of being
published. If accepted, late submissions will be assessed a $50.00 late
fee.  The late fee must accompany the submission.

Submissions shall consist of a
1) a camera ready copy (sized as listed below),
2) an event announcement checklist (see page 29) which has been signed
off on by the Seneschal of your group,
3) a release form for any artwork (including maps) in the submission, and
4) a check for any advertising and/or late fees.

If your package is missing any of the previous items it will be rejected.
 In addition, an graphics file version (in gif, jpg, tif, etc. format) of
the ad may be included.

Event Announcements
Each hosting group is entitled to three free pages of event advertisement
in the Black Star for one event PER YEAR.  Events having multiple
official sponsors (multi-group or "regional" events) will not get any
free pages, nor will events sponsored by the kingdom, unless a hosting
group wants to use their free pages to promote the event.
(This would make good sense if this were the only event hosted by that
group that year.)

An exception to this policy is the King's Round Table (formerly known as
Red Tape), which usually charges no site fee and generates no revenue.
Similar events may be handled similarly at the discretion of the Kingdom
Chronicler. Additional pages can be purchased at the standard rates
listed below.

Advertisement/Notes & Challenges
Advertisements for SCA-related materials, services and events are
accepted at the following rates and space
Full Page: $50 (4.75" x 7.125") Half Page: $30 (4.75" x 3.5") Quarter
page: $20 (2.25" x 3.5")
Notes and Challenges: $15 cents per word (minimum $2)

Express Mail Information
If you are sending your announcement by Express Mail or similar service,
you MUST waive the signature requirement by signing the appropriate place
on the form. This way the person may leave the item. Otherwise, the delay
in going to the Post Office to pick up your announcement may result in
late fees or in it not making it into the Black Star at all. So, for
everyone's sake: WAIVE THE SIGNATURE!!

General Information
The Kingdom Chronicler reserves the rights to redraw any map, retype any
submission, or remove any borders to improve the printability of said
item. All maps must be the original creation of the submitting party. No
reproductions of printed or electronic maps will be accepted without a
signed release. The Black Star reserves the right to refuse any item not
suitable for publications.

Official events outside of the Kingdom will be run in the Black Star for
one month without charge as space permits.  Other events of local
interest (not listed on calendar) may be run at the above ad rates. A fee
of $10.00 will be billed for any returned check.

Release Form
You must include a signed release form will all submissions, which
include poetry, artwork, articles or maps.  Failure to do so may result
in your artwork or other submissions not being included, or the
submission being delayed for a month to obtain a release.

This checklist is intended as an aid in the proper submission of event
announcements to the Black Star for publication and a signed copy must be
included in your submission.  All event announcements must contain and/or
conform to all items under "Requirements":

- Date (day, month, and year).
- Time of the event (when the site opens and closes).
- Name of sponsoring group(s).
- Location of the site (name, address [street address if available],
city, state).  If a map is included, it should be clear, easy to read in
black ink or laser printed. Please provide written directions with the
map if needed.
- Name (both Society and Real), address and phone number of the autocrat.
- The statement: Make check payable to: SCA Inc./Group Name", if a fee is
- The statement: Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal
guardian.  They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a
signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.
- A camera-ready map and/or directions to the site. They must also
include a release from the artist.
- Each page of the announcement must be no larger than 4.75 x 7.125
- The Seneschal of your group must sign off on your event announcements.
Please do not send the Black Star any event announcements that have not
been reviewed and signed by your Seneschal.

- Is the announcement in the proper size? Refer to the Submission
Policies for acceptable sizes.
Announcements that do not conform to one of the acceptable sizes will be
- Can a stranger find the site by just using the map given, at 2:00 a.m.,
after driving 7+ hours without stopping to look at a road atlas or ask
instructions, even if they come from an unlikely direction?
- Is the entire event announcement typed, including the map?
- Are there beverage restrictions?  "Discreetly Dry" is not allowed.
- Is there a feast?  How much?  How much is the site fee?
- Are pets allowed?  If so, are there any restrictions?
- Have italic, script and calligraphy fonts been used for accent only?
- Can the event announcement be read easily (i.e., no very small font
sizes or hard-to-read fonts)?
- Is there a release from the artist of all artwork (including a map)
- Have any advertisement fees been included with the submission.  The
advertisement will not be published until all fees are paid.
- Will the event announcement be mailed in time to arrive before the
Black Star deadline of the 1st of the month?  If not, have the
appropriate late fees been included?  AND the Kingdom Chronicler notified
of the announcement?

Mistress Clarissa di Firenze, Baroness of the Court
(Dottie Elliott)
Kingdom Seneschal of Ansteorra
seneschal at ansteorra.org

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