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Bi-monthly? What? I barely get enough infromation from the officers to do
every other month, and sometimes not that.
         - Byron - Mendersham
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> Mistress Clarissa asked that I make my local seneschals aware of the
> following.  I am sending it to the list so that you may be aware of the
> general information as well.
> Ulrica
> Please forward the following information to all your local seneschals!
> Chronicler Information
> ----------------------
> 1. Autocrats MUST be paid members of the society.
> 2. From the kingdom chronicler:  "On another matter, local chroniclers,
> in particular those of shires and baronies, are reminded that they are
> required by the Kingdom Chronicler Handbook, 1) to publish regularly, at
> least on a bi-monthly basis, and 2) to provide printed (regardless of the
> format used for distribution at the local level) copies of their
> newsletters to the Kingdom Chronicler, their regional chronicler, the
> Crown, the Heirs (if applicable), and the Deputy Kingdom Secretary."
> 3. Blackstar submission policies are being changed by the Kingdom
> Chronicler and all Senschals and Chroniclers need to be aware of the
> changes.  The new policies are below:
> Send submissions to the Chronicler (see Regnum). Make checks payable to:
> SCA, Inc. - The Black Star. All  submissions must be in the Chronicler's
> mailbox by the first of the month prior to publication. The  deadline
> does not change for Sundays and holidays.
> If you are going to be late, you must inform the Chronicler before the
> first of the month so that space may be reserved!!  Anything arriving
> after the first is subject to refusal and has no guarantee of being
> published. If accepted, late submissions will be assessed a $50.00 late
> fee.  The late fee must accompany the submission.
> Submissions shall consist of a
> 1) a camera ready copy (sized as listed below),
> 2) an event announcement checklist (see page 29) which has been signed
> off on by the Seneschal of your group,
> 3) a release form for any artwork (including maps) in the submission, and
> 4) a check for any advertising and/or late fees.
> If your package is missing any of the previous items it will be rejected.
>  In addition, an graphics file version (in gif, jpg, tif, etc. format) of
> the ad may be included.
> Event Announcements
> Each hosting group is entitled to three free pages of event advertisement
> in the Black Star for one event PER YEAR.  Events having multiple
> official sponsors (multi-group or "regional" events) will not get any
> free pages, nor will events sponsored by the kingdom, unless a hosting
> group wants to use their free pages to promote the event.
> (This would make good sense if this were the only event hosted by that
> group that year.)
> An exception to this policy is the King's Round Table (formerly known as
> Red Tape), which usually charges no site fee and generates no revenue.
> Similar events may be handled similarly at the discretion of the Kingdom
> Chronicler. Additional pages can be purchased at the standard rates
> listed below.
> Advertisement/Notes & Challenges
> Advertisements for SCA-related materials, services and events are
> accepted at the following rates and space
> allocations:
> Full Page: $50 (4.75" x 7.125") Half Page: $30 (4.75" x 3.5") Quarter
> page: $20 (2.25" x 3.5")
> Notes and Challenges: $15 cents per word (minimum $2)
> Express Mail Information
> If you are sending your announcement by Express Mail or similar service,
> you MUST waive the signature requirement by signing the appropriate place
> on the form. This way the person may leave the item. Otherwise, the delay
> in going to the Post Office to pick up your announcement may result in
> late fees or in it not making it into the Black Star at all. So, for
> everyone's sake: WAIVE THE SIGNATURE!!
> General Information
> The Kingdom Chronicler reserves the rights to redraw any map, retype any
> submission, or remove any borders to improve the printability of said
> item. All maps must be the original creation of the submitting party. No
> reproductions of printed or electronic maps will be accepted without a
> signed release. The Black Star reserves the right to refuse any item not
> suitable for publications.
> Official events outside of the Kingdom will be run in the Black Star for
> one month without charge as space permits.  Other events of local
> interest (not listed on calendar) may be run at the above ad rates. A fee
> of $10.00 will be billed for any returned check.
> Release Form
> You must include a signed release form will all submissions, which
> include poetry, artwork, articles or maps.  Failure to do so may result
> in your artwork or other submissions not being included, or the
> submission being delayed for a month to obtain a release.
> This checklist is intended as an aid in the proper submission of event
> announcements to the Black Star for publication and a signed copy must be
> included in your submission.  All event announcements must contain and/or
> conform to all items under "Requirements":
> Requirements
> - Date (day, month, and year).
> - Time of the event (when the site opens and closes).
> - Name of sponsoring group(s).
> - Location of the site (name, address [street address if available],
> city, state).  If a map is included, it should be clear, easy to read in
> black ink or laser printed. Please provide written directions with the
> map if needed.
> - Name (both Society and Real), address and phone number of the autocrat.
> - The statement: Make check payable to: SCA Inc./Group Name", if a fee is
> listed.
> - The statement: Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal
> guardian.  They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a
> signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.
> - A camera-ready map and/or directions to the site. They must also
> include a release from the artist.
> - Each page of the announcement must be no larger than 4.75 x 7.125
> inches.
> - The Seneschal of your group must sign off on your event announcements.
> Please do not send the Black Star any event announcements that have not
> been reviewed and signed by your Seneschal.
> Details
> - Is the announcement in the proper size? Refer to the Submission
> Policies for acceptable sizes.
> Announcements that do not conform to one of the acceptable sizes will be
> rejected.
> - Can a stranger find the site by just using the map given, at 2:00 a.m.,
> after driving 7+ hours without stopping to look at a road atlas or ask
> instructions, even if they come from an unlikely direction?
> - Is the entire event announcement typed, including the map?
> - Are there beverage restrictions?  "Discreetly Dry" is not allowed.
> - Is there a feast?  How much?  How much is the site fee?
> - Are pets allowed?  If so, are there any restrictions?
> - Have italic, script and calligraphy fonts been used for accent only?
> - Can the event announcement be read easily (i.e., no very small font
> sizes or hard-to-read fonts)?
> - Is there a release from the artist of all artwork (including a map)
> enclosed?
> - Have any advertisement fees been included with the submission.  The
> advertisement will not be published until all fees are paid.
> - Will the event announcement be mailed in time to arrive before the
> Black Star deadline of the 1st of the month?  If not, have the
> appropriate late fees been included?  AND the Kingdom Chronicler notified
> of the announcement?
> Mistress Clarissa di Firenze, Baroness of the Court
> (Dottie Elliott)
> Kingdom Seneschal of Ansteorra
> seneschal at ansteorra.org
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