[Bonwicke] Information on Chroniclers

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I think it should be monthly so the populas is informed of what is going in
the group. People tend to loose things real easy.

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>  I was told monthly when I was a Chronicler and that wasn't that long ago
> > Keyna
> This information came directly from Kingdom.
> Ulrica
> 2. From the kingdom chronicler:  "On another matter, local chroniclers,
> in particular those of shires and baronies, are reminded that they are
> required by the Kingdom Chronicler Handbook, 1) to publish regularly, at
> least on a bi-monthly basis, and 2) to provide printed (regardless of the
> format used for distribution at the local level) copies of their
> newsletters to the Kingdom Chronicler, their regional chronicler, the
> Crown, the Heirs (if applicable), and the Deputy Kingdom Secretary."
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