[Bonwicke] Lady Mom's Medical Report

Jesus Cavazos toshirokoi at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 21 06:54:41 PDT 2002

My apologies to those not affected by this. But some many people in the
region asked about Lady Mom, this is the fastest way to tell everybody.

As you might know, Mom went to M. D. Anderson in Houston. They took several
tests Wednesday and got the results yesterday afternoon. The news is she
may, may, not have pancreatic cancer. (Third hospital, third different
diagnoses.) But she may have some other type of cancer in the area. They are
not sure. So they are going to scope her again. And if necessary take
another biopsy, the eight I think, to see what it might be.
They set up an appointment for Monday to see the doctor to set up an
appointment to see the doctor. No, I didn't mis-type or you mis-read. She
has an appointment, to see the doctor, to set an appointment, to see the
same doctor. Don't ask, I don't understand.
If she has cancer in one type, she needs one and a half weeks of treatment.
If it's of another type, she'll need five and a half weeks of treatment.
So, after all these tests, three hospitals, all kinds of doctors, a bunch of
tests, cat scans, and x-rays, they still don't know what's wrong with her.
And worst of all, they were scheduled to stay at the housing they are in for
only one week. That means they have to leave on Tuesday and they don't have
a place to stay. They may have to stay with her son who lives an hour
outside of Houston and drive in, through Houston, to get to the hospital.
And depending of traffic, who knows how long that might take.
Anyway, that's the latest news. I'll keep everybody informed as I get the

Until later,

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