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I can understand that. I have a hectic life myself. Now this is just myself
I am talking about myself now. When ever I put in for any office Volunteer
or not I will hold that office to the best I can. If I see in the future
that I wouldn't be able to run it to my standards I wouldn't apply for it.
Like for example. (this all happened this year) I had 2 surgeries, one on
the bottom of each foot. I was layed up off my feet for 2 1/2 months and at
the same time my oldest daughter (16 yrs.) had four surgeries, 2 on each
foot. so that really mest up most of the year and last Dec. In my openion I
could not handle an office. Things are better and now I am the Armillary

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> It is of course the goal of every Chronicler to be publishing a
> newsletter for their populace every month, however in a volunteer
> organization like ours that is not always possible and so the law
> takes that into account with the every other month provision. Every
> month is great and should be sought for, but bi-monthly will keep
> your group out of the hot seat.
> In service,
> Kainin - Western Regional Chronicler
> >I think it should be monthly so the populas is informed of what is going
> >the group. People tend to loose things real easy.
> >Keyna
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