[Bonwicke] Lady Mom's Medical Report

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My thoughts and prayers are with you, her and the family!

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> My apologies to those not affected by this. But some many people in the
> region asked about Lady Mom, this is the fastest way to tell everybody.
> As you might know, Mom went to M. D. Anderson in Houston. They took
> tests Wednesday and got the results yesterday afternoon. The news is she
> may, may, not have pancreatic cancer. (Third hospital, third different
> diagnoses.) But she may have some other type of cancer in the area. They
> not sure. So they are going to scope her again. And if necessary take
> another biopsy, the eight I think, to see what it might be.
> They set up an appointment for Monday to see the doctor to set up an
> appointment to see the doctor. No, I didn't mis-type or you mis-read. She
> has an appointment, to see the doctor, to set an appointment, to see the
> same doctor. Don't ask, I don't understand.
> If she has cancer in one type, she needs one and a half weeks of
> If it's of another type, she'll need five and a half weeks of treatment.
> So, after all these tests, three hospitals, all kinds of doctors, a bunch
> tests, cat scans, and x-rays, they still don't know what's wrong with her.
> And worst of all, they were scheduled to stay at the housing they are in
> only one week. That means they have to leave on Tuesday and they don't
> a place to stay. They may have to stay with her son who lives an hour
> outside of Houston and drive in, through Houston, to get to the hospital.
> And depending of traffic, who knows how long that might take.
> Anyway, that's the latest news. I'll keep everybody informed as I get the
> news.
> Until later,
> Toshiro
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