Heraldic Information(was RE: [Bonwicke] Introduction)

Ron eirik at hot.rr.com
Wed Jun 26 15:37:45 PDT 2002

>  My suggestion is this, if the submitter hasn't heard anything,
> contact Asterisk, then Arbalest. Or you can check here
> http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/herald/gazette/,  here
> http://www.sca.org/heraldry/loar/, or here
> http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/herald/hst/. It should be listed
> in any of these three places.

Okay, brief heraldic information. We've had some problems with people
holding the Asterisk Office before January of this year. Most of the
problems are currently straightened out and things are going as they should.
The backlog currently has hit me and I am working on some things that were
returned last year along with the current submission notifications. I have
not gotten notifications out on the Laurel decisions for this year. There
have only been three Laurel letters this year. I have some returns at the
Kingdom level from last year that I have just gotten. I apologize for not
getting the information out in a timely manner, but I am working on trying
to catch up.

If anyone has a question on there submission, please feel free to contact me
at the e-mail address below or at (254) 634-0166. I will either know the
status or will find out where the submission is.

Also, if anyone is coming to Coronation in July, there will be a
consultation table that will do full service submissions. A full service
submission is one where you come and work with a herald to do the research
and the forms are filled out and submitted to Asterisk directly. A copy of
the forms are then given to the submittor and the local herald. The price is
increased to $12.00 for names and $15.00 for armory. Also, you may come to
the table and get help with your research, take one copy of the forms back
and submit through your local/regional officer.

Hope this helps.

Eirik Halfdanarson
Arbalest Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra
arbalest at ansteorra.org

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