[Bonwicke] Virus Possibility

Cameron Cook bonwickejester at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 28 08:29:40 PDT 2002

Greetings and Salutations,

Please pardon the intrusion and the duplicates should
you get this twice. It was brought up at officer's
meeting last night that our virtual emails (i.e.
whatever at bonwicke.org) may have a virus. I have spoken
with several people on the issue, and here is what I
have found out:

The only way that the actual virtual emails could have
a virus is if the servers hosting them were infected.
Having spoken with the hosting company for our
website, they assured me that they are not infected.
In fact, they have been taking extra precautions ever
since this whole KLEZ virus situation has become so
rampant. Therefore, they confirmed my suspicions that
if a virus is sent from one of our virtual email
addresses, it is most likely from someone that has
that particular email address in their address book.

I would just like to stress the importance of having
virus protection software installed on your computer,
and keeping that software up-to-date. I recommend
updating no less than every 2 weeks, weekly if
possible. Once you have up-to-date software, make sure
that you are doing a full system scan every couple of
days, because there are viruses that disable your
active scanning, and without manually running a scan,
it will not catch the virus. Also, if you do get an
unusual message (with or without an attachment)that
you are not expecting, either contact that person to
make sure they sent it, or just delete it without
opening it. I work for an internet support department,
and I can assure you that if it is the KLEZ virus, it
is not looking like it is going to wind down for quite
some time. Hopefully if everyone takes the proper
precautions, then we can deter the incidences of

Thank you for your time,
Ld. William MacEwan
Webminister for the Barony of Bonwicke

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