[Bonwicke] Combat Archers meeting at Steppes Warlord

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Fri May 17 11:50:48 PDT 2002

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(please excuse the multiple postings,, we want to make sure everyone who
might be interested knows about this meeting, Thank you for your
understanding and patience.)

Greeting Combat Archers and those interested in this fine endeavor,

Be it know that at Steppes Warlord, there will be an informal "roundtable"
for those interested in Combat Archery.  It will take place after the
Champions shoot and before the afternoon shoots.  We will meet somewhere
around the archery field at that time.

This meeting is to encourage combat archers and those interested, to meet and
discuss ideals.  I would like to see discussion of melee tactics, strategy
and training.  Bring your ideals and share them!  Please note that you don't
have to be an active combat archer to participate!  Everyone will be welcome.

In Service to Ansteorra
Octavia dE Verdon
Countess of Ansteorra
Archery Commander of the Army of Heroes.

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