[Bonwicke] Youth archery question

Timothy Rayburn timothy at elfsea.net
Tue Nov 19 12:54:08 PST 2002

>I'm searching for info on youth archery.  I've looked on the Ansteorra
>archery site, but can't find anything on youth rules and regs.  (It
>could be there and I'm just missing it.  I can do that, y'know.<G>)
>Anyhow, could someone please point me in the right direction to get the
>pertinent information for a 12-yr old upcoming archer?


The reason you have not found any information is because, unlike our contact arts, there are no seperate rules for youth archers.  They must meet the same equipment requirements for adult archers, can shoot against them, etc.

I believe that the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (often abbreviated IKAC and pronounced eye-kack) has a seperate Youth division where younger archers can compete across the known world by submitting scores shot at official IKAC shoots.  For more information on this I would suggest you contact Lord Eadric Anstapa (eadric at scabrewer.com).  He is our Kingdom Archery Marshall, but don't let the title fool you he's just a archery junkie like the rest of us.

I strongly encourage Archery to just about anyone.  It is the ONLY sport in the SCA you can walk up to and start doing the first day without knowing you were going to when you arrived, just by picking up a bow.

In service to the Dream,

Ld. Timothy of Glastinbury
Herald, Archer, and all around stick in the mud

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