[Bonwicke] Pennsic Pity Party

Ann gam at door.net
Tue Aug 5 15:15:40 PDT 2003

Greetings Good People,

Bonwicke's Pennsic Pity Paty is just days away are you ready?

I have a sorta schedule for anyone interested.  NOTHING is set in stone and very subject to change.  

Friday if you want to show up  beware we may not be at the house until 5ish.  Just call 806-787-8007 that would be my cell I will be in town taking care of mundane stuff.

Get up around 7ish my kids will make sure of that whether we want them to or not. 

After that we will do stuff.  Breakfast, food is always high on the list of things to do.  If you want to bring stuff to cook we will.  
Then if the Rapiers wish to get started before it gets to hot lets do.  Prize will be a fighters cloak made with your colors.  
After that we will relax the day away with stories and songs, arts and sciences.  Her Excellency will field questions on scrolls and other subjects.  And if you have a arts question or project please bring it and we will do the best to answer questions or provide projects for persons to do.  Idle hand leds to mischief I have been told.  Don't forget there is a bardic of No ******* there I was for the day story.

Then when it starts to cool off again, we will start the heavy tourney.  The prize will be a pair of steel half gauntlets.

Food will be served sometime.  Yes it will.  I have a brisket and a turkey that will be served, do not forget to bring a pot luck for the feast.  

If you have anything you wish to see done or do at the PPP please let me know.

May you have a safe journey in your travels be it Pennsic or the Barony of Bonwicke's Pennsic Pity Party


>From points East and South. Make your way to I-27 head north past the airport. Take exit 11 (FM 1294) heading west. approximately 10 miles you will come to a gently curve. There will be a crossroad there turn right. You are now on FM 2528. The site is the 7th house. Sign will be posted. 

Points North coming down I-27 please take exit 11 and follow previous instruction.

Points West if coming from Brownfield take loop to North Frankford (FM 2528) go past the Walmart and then on to Clovis Hwy (84). Go across railroad tracks, you will come to a stop sign approximately 6 miles continue there that until you come to the 7th house. Signs will be posted.

If coming from Clovis, take the first stop light left across railroad tracks and follow previous instructions.

If you get lost call 806-741-1828 or 806-787-8007

PS did I finally make it to the western regional list. Please say yes.

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