[Bonwicke] Sundries about Demo in Snyder

Paul Gilbert niklas at pbgilbert.net
Sun Aug 17 20:51:21 PDT 2003

Greetings John and others doing the Snyder Demo......

Some suggestions.....

See if you can use the pavilion on top of the hill over looking the park. 
It is high point and a high visibility point.

It has A/C and BBQ pits (or at least it use to). It also has LOTs of 
parking around it and a grassy hill to fight on.

Be sure to contact the newspaper....the publisher is Roy McQueen. The ME is 
Wade Warren. Tell them that Paul Gilbert sent you. They will know who I am. 
Also, see if Aline Parks is working at the SDN and talk to her. If she is, 
tell Mrs. Parks I sent you.

Contact KSNY, talk to Dink, again tell him I sent you.

Also, call the radio station in Colorado City.

 From what I am told ALOT of folks listen to them today rather than KSNY 
(big change from when I owned KSNY). Put a notice on the ch 2 public 
announce board on ch 2 on the cable if they still have it. You would be 
amazed how many read that.

I and my lady, HE Kezia, are really excited that a group is forming in 
Snyder. I grew up there, lived there till 1994 and still have MANY (more 
than you can imagine) ties to the town.

If you decide to hold an event there be sure to ask for money from the 
hotel-motel funds to help pay for things. Talk to the folks at the 
Coliseum. That is what made Aaron and Brittas coronation happen in Snyder.

Again, if I can help from 450 miles away, let me know. Wish I could be 
there, but job and SCA duties (Stargate Baronial and RF Defender in that 
time frame) does not allow it.

Let me know how it all comes out!

Good Luck and Tally HO>>>>>>Check you 6!

HE Niklas,
Baron of Raven's Fort

At 08:28 PM 8/17/03 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a request to make of each shire and the barony.
>Since we are having a
>potluck feast, I don't want to end up with all potato
>salad or the like
>(lol), so here is what was suggested to me, and I
>shall carry it through
>(thanks Ian). Would everyone choose a member from
>their group as a
>potluck-o-crat and have lists of what people are to
>bring. Also, it may be a
>good idea for each group to bring a table or two as
>well. There are some
>electrical outlets throughout the park so we can plug
>in crock pots if need
>be.  There are several play places for children if
>they become bored with
>the activities.
>Lady Revekkah or Baron Kainin would you be so kind as
>to contact me off list
>Eoin mac Domhnaill
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