[Bonwicke] Sundries for Western Region Demo

John P Rogers Jr jprogersjr at cox.net
Sun Aug 17 20:13:03 PDT 2003

I have a request to make of each shire and the barony. Since we are having a
potluck feast, I don't want to end up with all potato salad or the like
(lol), so here is what was suggested to me, and I shall carry it through
(thanks Ian). Would everyone choose a member from their group as a
potluck-o-crat and have lists of what people are to bring. Also, it may be a
good idea for each group to bring a table or two as well. There are some
electrical outlets throughout the park so we can plug in crock pots if need
be.  There are several play places for children if they become bored with
the activities.

Lady Revekkah or Baron Kainin would you be so kind as to contact me off list

Eoin mac Domhnaill

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