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HE Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Thu Aug 21 11:32:46 PDT 2003

Greetings unto the West,

Her Excellency and I received another note from Ruspoli. It appears 
that he must have learned his lesson well at Passe and has abandoned 
the idea of attacking Barons and has instead turned his limited 
skills to kidnaping children. The letter was left in the place of a 
young girl that was abducted in Adlersruhe and was delivered into our 
hands by her tearful mother. I have waited until now to post this 
information as we were waiting for a translation (see original letter 
at the bottom). Here is, as best our scribes can decipher, the 
translation (with the scribe's notes included):

People of Bonwicke:

Once again the captain has shown his courage and his abilities, 
knowing the danger of a solo attempt, and evading the grip of your 

(This is the literal translation of the second paragraph. It doesn't 
really make much sense.) To hold its Guard closes the Baron, for the 
captain attends the hour patiently when they it hesitation. (I think 
that what he meant was: To have the Guard closes the Barony, for the 
captain attends the hour when they hesitate. But that doesn't make
too much sense, either!)

The captain has chosen his men well, and his identity will not be 
easily unveiled. (Okay, the next sentence didn't translate well...I 
think he had some misspellings. Here's my best guess)  Nobody pays 
more in order to get fealty from his men.  (The other option is: 
Nobody pays enough to get all the fealty of their men).

The captain finds humor in this weak capture attempt.  Know this, 
people of Bonwicke, the captain has eyes in the shadows.


We will not acquiesce to poorly veiled  and poorly written threats. 
Clearly, Ruspoli has hired mindless, illiterate thugs who find 
bravery in the capture of children. This will not be tolerated! We 
are unsure what the point of this letter was as there are no demands, 
her Excellency suggested that they merely wished to raise our ire 
with taunting and poor grammar.

I have sent members of the guard to quietly check into this matter 
and to see to the safe return of the child. I wish to now make public 
that search. If anyone has information concerning the whereabouts of 
the child or either of these two blithering hooligans please contact 
one of my guard, or her Excellency and I personally, as soon as 
possible. Should your information lead to the capture of either 
Ruspoli or this Bandlofo, or the safe return of the child I will see 
to it that you are well rewarded.

In service,
Kainin Tepesa
Lord Bonwicke

Here is the letter as it was given to us:

Bonwicte di signore,

Una volta ancora il capitano ha mostrato il suo coraggio e la sua 
abilita, sapere il pericolo di andare il tentativo solo, e evaso la 
stretta della sua guardia.

Tenere la sua Guardia chiude il Barone, per il capitano attende 
pazientemente l ora quando loro l esitazione.

Il capitano ha scelto i suoi uomini bene, e la sua identita non sara 
facilmente l unveiled. Nessuna ricompensa puo guastarsi si la lealta 
dei suoi uomini.

Il capitano trova l umore in questo tentativo debole alla sua 
cattura, sa questo Bonwicte di Signore, il capitano ha degli occhi 
nelle ombre.


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