[Bonwicke] Bonwicke's Twelfth Night & Pre-Twelfth Night College

Paula Hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 26 07:34:25 PDT 2003

Unto the Noble State of Ansteorra does the Baroness of Bonwicke and Steward of her
Twelfth Night Celebration send greetings.

This missive will be long, but I guarantee there will be something for everyone. If
you get restless before the end, scroll to the heading that interests you most and
start reading from there. ;o) Bonwicke's Twelfth Night - set for December 13th - is
fast approaching, and we wish to invite all of Ansteorra to attend. Great things are
in store this year as we will be hosting a Masquerade Ball in addition to a whole
day brimming with activities.

The schedule is shaping up as follows:

• High Persona Chivalric Tournament and Helm Crest Competition
• Rapier Tournament and Decorated Buckler Competition
• Titled Arts and Sciences Champion of Bonwicke
• Period Sweets and Finger Foods Competition
• Masked Dance and Best Mask Competition
• Grand Italian Feast
• Pre-Twelfth Night College / Oct 18
• Other activities may include charter painting, dance classes and mask-making
activities for the children.

High Persona Chivalric Tournament and Helm Crest Competition:
This tournament will most likely be a tourney of counted blows with a nod to the
whim of the Ladies' Gallery. Fighters entering the list must be accompanied by a
consort and must present themselves, their consort and their helm crest (and arms,
etc.) to the gallery via herald. Feel free to display as much pomp and circumstance
in doing so as you like. Please bring your arms on a shield no larger than 8x10 for
the shield tree. The helm crest competition will be judged indoors by the populace.
Displays would be lovely. Helm crests will not have to be fought in merely presented
before the tourney.

Rapier Tournament and Decorated Buckler Competition:
The nature of this tournament is yet undecided, but again those who would enter the
list must have a consort, and must present themselves, their consort and their
decorated buckler to the gallery via herald. Again, pomp is always welcomed. The
decorated buckler will be judged indoors by the populace. Displays are a good thing.
Most likely, the helm crests and bucklers will be obtained from their displays,
presented before the gallery and returned to their displays afterwards for judging.

Titled Arts and Sciences Champion of Bonwicke:
I am calling all artists of Ansteorra who would vie for the title of Bonwicke's
Champion Artisan. As Twelfth Night is a Masquerade Ball, the theme of the Arts &
Sciences shall be "Celebration in Bonwicke". Whether one choses to depict a scene of
celebration, something worn or partaken of in celebration, or merely an object
bearing red and gold, Bonwicke's fair colors, is up to the artist. Be limited only
by your imagination; these are merely suggestions. Points are to be awarded on the
usage of both the theme of "celebration" and "Bonwicke". Please come bearing a
letter of intent and documentation. 

Period Sweets and Finger Foods Competition:
We will be holding a period sweets and finger foods contest around mid-afternoon
when the tourneys are waning and before court (and ultimately dinner). Again this
will be judged by popular vote. As the kitchen will be devoted to preparing the
feast for the evening, the food in the competition needs to be as low maintenance as
possible - preferably something that is prepared before arrival that will stand up
well at room tempurature or something that the participants have the means to handle
without the use of the kitchen (with ice chests, crock pots, warmers, etc.)

Masked Dance and Best Mask Competition:
This will include, obviously, dancing, and the best mask competition will again be
judged by the populace. It is undecided if the masks will be displayed for the
judging or be judged while being worn during the Ball, but details will, as always,
be forthcoming. 

Pre-Twelfth Night College:
For any wishing to attend, there will be a pre-Twelfth Night college on Saturday,
October 18th to make ready for the grand event. It will be held in the Barony of
Bonwicke (Lubbock, Tx) at the Canterbury Student Center, 2407 16th St (16th & one
block east of (Texas Tech) University Ave.). Please visit our website
(www.bonwicke.org) for updates on times and maps.

These kind people have graciously volunteered to share their knowledge October 18th:

Period Dance:
Lord William Rufus Guthrie and Lady Elisabeth Quartermain de Guthrie
and Lady Melissant d'Aulnay the Capricious (Capricia)

Lady Serafina de Gratia

Helm Crest-Making:
Lord Jasper Codrington

Buckler Construction/Decoration:
Honorable Lord Toshiro Koi

Please join us on this day to prepare for the upcoming Ball, and I look forward to
seeing everyone at Bonwicke'e Twelfth Night!

Thank you for enduring to the end of this tome. Any additional questions,
suggestions or comments may be directed to me, Baroness Oriana, at
pippermint at sbcglobal.net. And thanks go to all who have volunteered and
all who plan on attending. 

Oriana della Francesca
Lady Bonwicke
Twelfth Night & Pre-Twelfth Night College Steward

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