[Bonwicke] Heavy and Rapier fighters needed for Sept. 20th demo

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Please count on my being there to help support however I can. Please let me
know if there is anything I can do to help. (I will announce it in next
month's populace.)
I might even have my armor by then.


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The populace of Amloch (Borger and Hutchinson County)
is putting on a demo on September 20th at the Fritch
City Park.  The demo will be part of Fritch's annual
"Howdy Neighbor Day" festival and the events
organizers have granted us plenty of space for
exhibits of period items as well as a spot to put a
list field for the rapier and armored combat
demonstrations.  There is a parade in the morning at
10am and the event itself runs from 11am to 5 or so in
the afternoon.

We have a float planned for the morning's parade and a
large tent we will be putting up for the day as well.
The one thing we could use some help with is fighters.
 There are just a small handful of us here in Amloch
and  we would like to get as many rapier and heavy
fighters as we can to come and take part in the demo.
There will be lots of people at this event who have
never seen what we do.  I have already talked to some
of my friends from Adlersruhe who are going to try to
make it and any and all fighters from other parts of
the region who can make it will be appreciated.

We DO have a revel planned for that evening after the
demo and anyone who is willing to travel to come here
and help out will also be provided with a place to
stay the night if needed.  Please email me if you
think you might be able to make it and I will make all
the arrangements.


Lord Brother Liston Brounyng

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"Victory through intimidation"
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