[Bonwicke] Rapier practices?

Ld Byron chance at camalott.com
Sun Jan 12 13:11:59 PST 2003

Greetings from Mendersham,
       Ld Yves de Byron, here, our practices are Wednesday at 1234 north
15th at Ld Ed McRaven's house (usually do knive, and axe practice - with
warmer weather fighter practice [light, and heavy]. The exception to that is
the Wednesday before populace which is the first Sunday of the month, is at
Ld Angus Matheson's House. This night is also our A&S night.
      Sunday fighter practice is held at Nelson Park [which is the park by
the Abilene Zoo]. We meet when the weather is good. We have been having
light practice mainly as only one heavy fighter shows up (Ryah). Usually
have 5 to 10 people show up. Any questions please call 915-672-5840. An
answering machine will answer, say that the call is SCA related, or I will
not answer if home, or return call.Rapier marshall, and Chronicler.
Seneschal's number in Blackstar.

     Oh an a plug for our defender--- Mendersham's Defender XI is coming up
in May 9-11 would love to have all attend. Will have Light and heavy tourney
for the new Defenders for 2003. A&S, Bardic, Knife,Axe&Spear, along with the
usually good times at Sweetwater Lake ( the same site for Gothic ).

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> Greetings to the rapier community of the great Western Region of
> Ansteorra!
> I was wondering if the different rapier marshals of out region would
> mind posting the days and times when you have regular rapier fighter
> practices.  We have two regular fighters here in Crossrode Keep, and
> we'd like to travel to other practices to learn more from other folks.
> Also, anyone wishing to travel here to CK would be more than welcome!
> Here's our info:
> Saturdays at 2:00pm
> Comanche Trail Park, north of the softball field
> Marshal--Elewys Luscomb <jlusk at crcom.net>
> (we don't meet whenever there's an event elsewhere in the region, or
> whenever we're having one of our sewing bees, so you might want to send
> me an e-mail before you travel to make sure we're here)
> Thanks for your help.  I hope to see some of you during the next months
> for some practice!
> Your friend,
> Ldy Elewys
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