[Bonwicke] Regional Practice

Jesus Cavazos toshirokoi at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 16 10:05:23 PST 2003

Ok, I know it's short notice. But short notice is better than no notice at

This Sunday at Maxey park, our regular place, at 2:30, I will be having a
regional fighter practice. If you are going to Gulf, if you are thinking
about it, or even if you're not going, come this Sunday. We need to practice
together and against an opponent. We need you there even if it's just to
show support.
So show up Sunday. Remember, Monday is Martin Luther King day and is a
national holiday. A lot of people will not be at work. So be there. Or we
may talk about you behind your back.

HL Toshiro Koi
WR Rapier Marshall
WR Rapier Captain for Gulf Wars XII


"The fields are green,
The blossoms bloom.
I go to nourish them
With honor."

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