[Bonwicke] Day at the Pas d' Armes in Raven's Fort. Please share this announcement.

Brian du Val cobalt60 at lcc.net
Sat Jan 18 11:22:44 PST 2003

 Their Excellences Niklas and Kezia,
Baron and Baroness of Barony of Raven's Fort,
Invite you to spend a Day at the Pas de Armes for the Selection of Baronial
Champions on February 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2003.
    Come admire the excitement and pageantry of a Pas de Armes. Numerous
activities are planned, as well as the title competitions for Haeftmaster
(knife, axe, and spear), Chevalier (equestrian), Bowman of the Fort, and
Ravenskald (Bardic). Please note: Due to site restrictions, the Brewing and
Vintning competitions will be held later this year at Defender of the Fort.
    Generally, Saturday will hold the usual activities dealing with the
selection of the title champions. All events will begin after opening court
and throughout the day all participants will be coming and going about their
business in preparation of the tourney on Sunday morning. A themed A&S
competition will be held in the grand hall with the subject being "things
that would have been seen at a Pas de Armes."
     Feast will be held in a different manner than usual. The tables will be
arranged so that a Helmet Viewing may be held, displaying the helmets,
crests, banners, honor shields, and actual tourney shield of each
participant in the tourney. All nobles may marvel at the spectacle and the
Gallery will be given the task of choosing the best crest and then choose a
member of the list to single out, tease, and set a difficult but not totally
impossible task/quest/riddle to solve before the beginning of the tourney
the next morning. This is traditional and a type of courtly fun.

Tentative feast menu will be of French fare, and is as follows:
    Opening course
        Salad or seasonal fruit (depending on availability after long
    Pottage course
        Onion and Pea Soup & Turnips
    Meat course
        Roasted chicken with orange sauce
        Poached pears in syrup
        Candied Orange Peel
        Warm mulled apple cider and water

 All are encouraged to bring their Heraldic displays, Banners and pennants
to add to the vast display of color and beauty of the event. Polish your
armor, Sharpen your axes, check your bows and train your steeds for the
Tournament awaits your challenge and will indeed test your skills!

    Sunday morning, all fighters and their consorts should be present to
stand in Order of Precedence and be introduced to the Gallery. After the
fighters have chosen to be English or French and are ready, the tourney will
begin. The first round will be Sword and Shield or equivalent; second round,
Barrier with single sword and counted blows of five; third round, Barrier
with matched mass weapons; fourth round, Melee at the Barrier; and finally
the last round, with a Grand Melee with retainers and other fighters under
their lieges banners. The French and English with each have one champion to
be given a banner to keep as a prize and to carry as an additional banner in
the Grand Melee. The tourney will end at 2pm sharp! All entrants in the
tourney must submit a letter of intent to their Excellencies by the day of
the tourney. It is requested that an illuminated Writ of Chivalric linage
showing who their knight was that squired them and their knight and their
knight and so on or to which master they are student to and their master or
knight. The writ outlines the contestant's family tree of training.
    The event will be held on the Livingston Trade Days grounds and will
open at 4pm on Friday and close at 4pm on Sunday. Minors must be accompanied
by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21 year or older
adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.
Site fee is $7 ($10 for non-SCA membership holders or those without proof of
membership per SCA, Inc. policy effective 01/01/2003) for adults, and
children 5-12 are $4. Feast fee is $5. Feast limit is 100. Please reserve
with the Feast Steward listed below. Make checks payable to: SCA Inc/Barony
of Raven's Fort. The site features shaded camping, hot-water showers, and
bathroom facilities. No alcohol is allowed as the site is DRY. Pets on
leashes are welcome; however State law requires mammal pets have written
proof of current Rabies Vaccination, not just a collar tag. Horses must show
written proof of Coggin's Test.
              Directions: Take your best route toward the intersection of
Hwy 59 and hwy 190 in Livingston. If you are coming from south 59, you need
to exit at the "59 Business & County Road", circle under the bridge and go
south on the feeder road until you get to the Pedigo Park. If you are coming
from north 59 you need to exit at the "exit" sign just after crossing the
overpass. The school and hospital will be on your right. Stay on the feeder
road until you get to Pedigo Park. It is the same site as the Fall Crown
Tourney. Look for SCA signs.

                Event Steward:
Feast Steward:
                Baron Brian du Val
HL Jacinth de Warwick
                John Reuter
jacinth at ev1.net
                6 Whippoorwill Dr
For feast reservations contact
                Huntsville Tx. 77340
Jacinth by e-mail or Brian    :o)
                (936) 295-4671
                cobalt60 at lcc.net

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