[Bonwicke] Mendersham's Defender (20 Reasons)

estarkey estarkey at starband.net
Wed May 7 22:44:04 PDT 2003


We cordially invite you all to Mendersham's Defender this coming weekend,
May 9-11 because:

1.  It will be fun.

2.  You gotta see the new pavallion at the Sweetwater Park, and check out
the new roads, and check out where the new electric and water connections

3.  points for Western Region Defender are there for the winning

4. winners get some neat prizes

5.  you know that you like our cooking

6.  and you know that you wanna scope out where you are gonna camp for

7.  you can bring your pets

8.  you can throw pointy things at our new target

9.  you can show off your arts or science

10.  you can hit people with sticks

11.  you can poke people with pokie things

12.  you can toss logs, carry rocks, and/or throw sheep

13.  you can shoot arrows

14.  you can sing songs or recite poetry or tell tales

15.  you can watch people while they do all or some of the above.

16.  you can wear some of those clothes that are beginning to fill up your

17.  you can get away from town for the weekend.

18.  you can get together with your friends.

19.  it's not that far to drive

20.  it is not a dry site.

Lake Sweetwater Park, exit 248 off of I-20, site opens at 4pm.  Bring your
friends.  See you there.

Lady AmaRyah hap Illys de Visclo
Seneschal, Shire of Mendersham

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