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ok, the committee be discussing the matter this weekend.
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Yes, I remember y'all being told that it was not an official sca event. I
also remember that i told you at the time that it met all the requirements
of a santioned sca event, and as such, monies collected, events reports,
etc, did have to be filed for it. The only difference was that no awards or
law changes could have been announced at the event as the flyer didn't get
published in the Black Star.
I am challenging the point tally, and according to your rules, you need to
convene the panel to investigate, not just get with people individually.
I do appreciate the work that y'all are putting into this. Sorry to cause
you a bit more, but I think that it is very important that the Defender
event for each group be included in the point calculations, now and in the
I will do some further research into the SCA Corpora and such, and see if I
can find a better definition of "official SCA event" for y'all.
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> Ryah,
> While I would love to pass out points for Sentinnel, we (Blacklake) were
> that this was not an official event, I forget how it all went down, but
> how it ended up. That's what I have to go by. And I agree that everyone
> about the event, and it is considered to be a Defender event. For these
> reasons I would love to pass out points. On the other hand, if we make
> exception now, it will become easier to make exception in the future, and
> paving the road to exception is something that I simply can't do without
> committee. I will get together with them this weekend either in group or
> individually to see about making exception for a "once a year for each
> defender tournament, should it be a kingdom sanctioned event or should it
> unsanctioned to do events beyond the control of the autocrat."
> I do beleive that everyone who fought in Sentinnel deserves the points,
but we
> (the committee) drew a line in the sand for the very reason you gave, and
I am
> having a very hard time crossing it. There are other concerns that I want
> discuss with the committee.
> If we can address these matters and change them without it effecting the
> integrity of the points race then I am all for it. I hope something can be
> worked out. Maybe this is just one of those first year bugs.
> Ian
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