[Bonwicke] Points race & Sigrunn

Jesus Cavazos toshirokoi at hotmail.com
Fri May 9 20:40:47 PDT 2003

If it is as Ian-son says his fault, I think we should string him up! What we
need is a good ol' fashion neck tie party. Come on folks, some one git a

Two Gun Toshiro

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>Subject: RE: [Bonwicke] Points race & Sigrunn
>Sigrunn, if you could contact me privately I would apreciate it.
>As far as it goes, Western Sentinel being official or not may no longer
>matter.  I would ask everyone concerned to adopt a wait and see attitude on
>the matter until after the weekend.  Actually I should have something by
>evening court.
>Either way, no matter what happened with Sentinel.  If it was in fact an
>official event and the points didn't get recorded, the fault lies with me.
>in fact the event was not official, again as autocrat the fault is
>ultimately mine.
>So let's see what happens on Saturday, and then we will know further the
>course to take.

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