[Bonwicke] Mendersham Defender 2003

Ld Byron chance at camalott.com
Mon May 12 20:22:33 PDT 2003

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      I, Ld Yves de Byron - Autocrat at Mendersham's Defender May 9-11, wish
to thank all those who came out for the event, first. Those who came out,
and entered the lists, A&S, Bardic, and AKS competion.I never could have got
the event together without the special help of Ld Angus, Ld Svendrogen, and
Lady Ryah. I wish to thank the feast autocrat, Ld Angus and his helpers
(Master Rosario, HL Isabella, Ray, and George, ect.) for the excellent
feast. My thanks to Ld Edward McRaven for holding the Heavy list. My thanks
to those that helped me run the light list - Lady McDuff, Ld Toshiro, Ld
William, Ld Wakeem. To Ld Svendrogen for running and teaching knife, axe,
and spear, and nora for helping run the thrown weapons thingie. <G>. The list Mistresses need a special thanks for their efforts. Thanks Bridget for your time, understanding, and care in running gate. A special thanks to the Judges - Bardic judges was Larkin, Bran, and Kai. A&S was Baroness Joanna, Baroness Orianna, and Master Rosario.

To our new Defenders : Heavy - HL Chaing Ti Lung
                                      Light   - Lady Margret McDuff
                                       A&S   - Lady Margret McDuff
             Axe, Knife, and Spear - Ld Shamus  from the West Kingdom
                                      Bardic - Ld Toshiro

     I am sure there are others I need to thank like Richard for his help
with axe, knife, and spear. To all who helped, thank you, so much for your
helping hand when it was needed. (That includes you - cabin boy).
     Thank the new Baron, and Baroness of Bonwicke for coming to our event
may your tenure be a pleasure to you both.
     Thank you, Boo.
     Thank you, George and others for drumming.
     Thank you, Lady Ryah for the songs, and the beer.
                                   Ld Yves de Byron of Mendersham   May 12, 2003


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