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His Excellency, Sir Aaron MacGregor was the winner of the Knife, Axe, and Spear competition.

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  I would like to thank all that attended Sundered Shield V this past weekend, and all those who helped out.  Without our helpers things would not have run near as smoothly.  There were many of you who volunteered and in order not to leave anyone out I will not try to name anyone.  Thank you marshals, servers, waterbearers, fetchers, activity leaders, and of course participants.  We had several people for whom this was their first event and I would like to thank everyone there for helping to give them a wonderful first impression.  I would like to thank the cooks for their hard work in the kitchen.  These people volunteered to miss out on the day's activities in order to make sure there was a feast prepared.  Thank you to the Elfsea heralds for making court one of the most enjoyable ones I have ever attended and thank you Baron Kainin for holding court and allowing us to have as much fun as we all did.  I am not sure who won the Kni! fe Ax and Spear competition, will someone who does please contact me, but the rest of our winners are as follows.

  Heavy: HE Sir Britta McGregor
  Light: Ninga Dick
  Archery: Lord Seamus O'Dubhoa
  Bardic: Lord Seamus O'Dubhoa
  Fun Bardic: Kagea(sorry if that is mis-spelled)

  We also had a competition that we were not expecting and I am pleased to announce our Premiere Pillow Defender: Lord Seamus O'Dubhoa

  As far as I am aware there were no owner-less objects picked up at this event but if you have lost something please contact me and I will do my best to see if it exists in as of now unpacked stuff.

  Once again thank you all for attending and helping.

  In Service To The Dream,
  Lady Elizabeth Blackthorne
  unofficial/official co-autocrat

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