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Gothic Wars XIV Sept. 3-6 2004
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Hywel ap Cadell has died, and disunity has returned to Gwent, Gwynedd, Powys and Deheubarth. Tis rumored that a great Viking fleet makes ready to sail the coasts of Cymru. Sail under the black raven or heed the call of the red dragon at Gothic Wars XIV, Clash for Gwynedd.
Site: Hords Creek Lake - Group Area 6 & 7
Coming from the north or east. Make your best way to Coleman, Tx., or Winters, Tx.  The turn in Coleman is roughly in the middle of town. When you turn west a large hill will be in front of you. If not you are on the wrong road. Hords Creek is west of Coleman, Texas on 153 roughly 7 to 8 miles, and site is east of Winters on 153. Turn south at the sign to main gate of site.
The main gate is the second turn into the lake from Coleman. At gate tell people you are with the SCA - will let you in to site until 10PM. Then the gate is locked. Will run a shuttle service to get you, and your tent to site till midnight. Vehicle will have to be left outside of gate until next morning. We plan on a trip to talk with the manager of the park, but no promises. If coming from  the South or West. Make your best way to Winters, Tx., take 153 east to Coleman, Tx. ~8 miles to Coleman the turn into the lake main gate will be the first turn in you come to. After passing thru the gate, you will turn left at the next road. Then go to the group areas.
The site has flush toilets, showers, live oaks (which give better shad than mesquite). The group area will have RV hookups. First come first serve, unless reservations are made with auto-crat. Please share the electric, and  water. The lake is 16 ft. below spillway, but the area was green when looked at by site selection team.
    We have gone and talked to the Park manager, and he will not move on the gate issue. The gate will be locked at 10PM. We will run a shuttle service to get you and your tent (required items to site) until 2am, but the vehicle will have to be left out side the gate until 6am. Shade is a premium. Have over 16 rv hookups, with 7 taken (as I know). There will be a castle fasod? for the melees to fight around.
Gothic Web Site http://www.geocities.com/gothicwars14/index.html
Autocrat   "estarkey" <estarkey at camalott.com>  HL Ryah
An updated schedule will be posted at the list Mistress table throughout the event.

8am Armor Inspection Begins
9am Morning Court and Armor Inspection Ends.
10am - Light Weapons Tournament and Heavy weapons melees.
A&S - Under the main pavillion
Archery to be announced.
Knife/Axe/Spear - Saturday and Sunday.
6pm Evening Court
Evening activities: Amazon Auction, Puppet Show, Middle Eastern dance,
Bardic,  Crane Party, and FUN.

8am Armor Inspection Begins
9am Morning Court and Armor Inspection Ends.
10am - Heavy Weapons Tournament and Light weapons melees.
6pm Evening Court
       Fun!!!!  Fun!!!! Fun!!!
Thank you for your patience and I hope to see you at Gothic.

HL AmaRyah    mka Elaine Starkey    Auto-crat
843 CR 170
Trent, TX 79561
(325) 235-0643
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