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Or, you could have a buddy waiting in their car on the other side of the
walk in gate and just pass your stuff to their car from your car and then go
from there. :)

If it is like the girl scout camp in Austin it is a one way deal and there
is no going in once it is closed in that direction plus they may have a
guard to further prevent drive throughs on the wrong lane.

We will be there as soon as we can all the way from Dallas to make the
curfew. :)

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Well, that solves the problem with getting in after 10 pm.  Have a vehicle
stationed inside the gate, when someone wants in, drive up, the gate opens,
back up, and the new arrival drives in.  Unless there are tire cutters to
prevent people from going in the wrong way.

Some of our city parks have gates on each lane, you can get out after
closing, but can't get in.

HL Bruno

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  Some questions have been asked and I feel the answers will be of use to
  1. How about getting OUT after 10:00 PM Saturday night for those staying
in  hotels / motels or day-tripping?
  Yes, you can leave the park after 10PM, but the vehicle can't get back in
until the next day when the gate opens. There is a automatic opening gate to
leave the park at any time.


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