[Bonwicke] Viking Bed

Charlie Cain larkinokane at cox.net
Mon Aug 30 08:01:49 PDT 2004

>> A mattress is needed to keep the side rails from bending in.
>> Otherwise, the 1" thick lumber is sufficiently strong for a single bed
and makes it very portable.
>> The 1" lumber also better matches the appearance of the reconstructed
Viking bed than would
>> 2" lumber.

I think us "heavyweights" might have trouble with 1" thick lumber whether we
used rope or slats.
If I remember correctly, Agnar made a single bed that used slats for Maria
de los Santos. But I think it used 2" lumber for the frame and was a single
rather than a double.

How about it Agnar, if you're getting email again, any ideas?

Larkin -

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> > http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/j_lambert/viking_bed.htm
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> That one says it's just a single.  Wonder if you can do the same thing but
> make it a double?  Any one know?  I can do the slat boards, but the rope
> seems like it would be lighter and easier to transport.
> Dirk the Curious

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