[Bonwicke] Viking Bed

agnarr agnarr at cox.net
Mon Aug 30 14:51:24 PDT 2004

The beds that I have made have all been made with a plywood frame.

The frame is 3/4" with slots for the slats to slide into.  The slat's are
nocked 2x4's that lock into the frame and then a 3/8" plywood base is placed
on top of the slats allowing for the use of an air-mattress, futon or
bedroll.  I have made this style of bed in Twin, Full, Queen and 2 King's
all depending on what the customer wanted.

I do know that they are a real solid frame for a bed.  Lord Stephen & I load
tested the prototype bed that we made.  a queen sized frame and we had over
850 lbs on it without any trouble or concerns of the bed frame failing.

I personally have several reasons that I like this style of bed more then
the ropebed me and my wife had before they are:
*Bed is quicker to set up/ tear down. - 1 person can assymble it in less
then 2 minutes plus the time it takes on blowing up the air-mattress).
*Do not have to retighten ropes daily.
*No wedges to worry about losing or having to replace when one getrs lost.
*Do not worry about falling thru the ropes. (I did that once when I did not
weave the ropes correctly.
*I can store several things under the bed for more clear floorspace in the
*I have not had to replace the air-mattress once in the 4 years that I have
this style bed.
*The seperate pieces stack together for compact storage at home.

The one drawback to this style of bed is that you do need a larger vehicle
so that you can transport it. The sides of the queen-sized bed are about 7'
long by 2 ft wide each.
I have been looking at making one with hinges on all the peices to reduce
their length but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Hope this helps


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