[Bonwicke] Twelfth Night Thank You's

Cameron Cook bonwickejester at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 07:55:24 PST 2004

My Lady Wife asked me to post this on this list, as she is not on it.
I would like to take this time to thank everyone who made this year's 
Twelfth Night Celebration a huge success. First, I would like to thank 
Lady Constance and Lord Godfrey and their talented kitchen staff for the 
absolutely wonderful feast that they prepared (even though they had 
little room to do it in). Next, a thank you goes to Lady Liaden and Lord 
Bastian as my co-autocrats for all their help and support. Shyla, 
Dustin, and Nicklaus also deserve huge thanks for helping out wherever was 
needed. Their Excellencies Kainin and Oriana, along with the Ladies 
Serafina and Cahira for helping decorate the night before. The new Lady 
Elisabetta, Lord Leucianus, and Lord Hogoba for being my runners, and doing 
whatever menial tasks I needed done. To Lady Morrigan, especially, for 
finding us this gorgeous site. And finally, to my Lord Husband, 
William, for being supportive, and keeping me a relatively sane individual; 
you will always have my love.
Again, thank you to all who came and fought, entered A&S 
(Congratulations Serafina!), entertained, and visited. Without each of you, there 
could not have been an event. I appreciate you all. I deeply apologize if 
I have forgotten to mention anyone, but know that you too have my 
Yours In Service,
Lady Kristyan de Long
Very Tired Event Steward
Bonwicke's Twelfth Night Celebration

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