[Bonwicke] Curt's condition

Laurie muirghein at plaiddragon.net
Tue Dec 7 05:23:22 PST 2004

For those who haven't heard, I wanted to let people know that Curt was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia on Wednesday night.  Sorry it's taken so long to let everyone know, but I've been pretty much living at the hospital since then.  He's not doing very well.  He's had a really hard time keeping his oxygen levels up, so they have had to step him up to a full face mask at 100% oxygen.  They also had to put in 2 chest tubes to drain the absesses that had formed around his right lung.  He's had some problems with that, so last night they had to go in and readjust them.  He was put into ICU after his surgery so that they can watch his oxygen levels & drainage.  Hopefully, he will start improving now and be able to go back to a regular room in a couple of days.  I'll try to keep you all informed.  Thank you for the great offers of help & concern we have had so far.  It really means a lot to Curt.  

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