[Bonwicke] Gothic War

Stephen Oyler moyler at ddraytech.net
Mon Feb 2 22:32:56 PST 2004

I would like to offer a little clarification here about a couple of things.

I think that finding a new site for Gothic is a wonderful idea, and it looks like Ryah has come through for us.  This will be discussed, I'm sure, this weekend at Cresent Wrench.  From what I have seen and heard the site is wonderful!  Either way, regardless of where it is, my family and I plan to attend.  Gothic has always been one of my favorite events, and I haven't been to one that I didn't have fun at, including those I worked like a dog at.

Gothic has been a Regional Event as long as I can remember, but Steve and I have only been playing about eight years.  I know that Gothic has been held at least once away from the Sweetwater site, but I understand  the event lost money that year.  I was not privy to that meeting, and others would need to tell about that.  

Before the decision was made to rotate the hosting shire/barony, I believe that the reigning Baron and Baroness of Bonwicke decided who would be the autocrat.  I asked Baron Valast (I know that's not spelled correctly) how the autocrat was selected about five years ago.  He asked me if I was interested in autocrating one, and I told him yes I would be later.  When Baron Valast advised me that I would be co-autocrat the next year in preparation for the following year on the condition that the site was to remain at Sweetwater as the site was well known, easily found, and of reasonable cost (which is no longer true).  I was co-autocrat for Selwyn and was to have done the next year, but it was delayed.  After Selwyn's Gothic the seneschals and other western region officers stayed for the after Gothic meeting and it was then decided to "pass" the autocrat around.  Anyway, to make a long story short, Baroness Sofia took the next one as I was autocrat for Coronation and did not feel that I could do justice to two major events, and I got my turn last year.  I would like to point out that without Ryah's wonderful help and stepping in and doing much of the work while Steve was in the hospital and recovering it would have been a disaster.  (Thanks again!)  

I would also like to point out that Crossrode Keep has only once received any of the profits from Gothic War and that one time was last year.  Baron Gavin as Western Regional Seneschal advised our Seneschal and myself that as our account was the smallest in the region and because we had never before shared the profits of Gothic War but had indeed worked at them we were to keep the profits.  I don't remember right now what our total profit was, but I can find it if it is needed.

Where Gothic is held is moot to me, but I know many who would like a site with trees, more flush toilets, and other amenities without having to travel far, but I'm sorry here in West Texas good sites are hard to find, especially for an event the size of Gothic.  The autocrat and hosting shire/barony should have the final say in the event site, and if they wish to take suggestions/recommendations for a site, that is wonderful! 

Just my two cents worth!

Marianna la Faye

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