[Bonwicke] Re: Gothic War

Curn racerx9 at cox.net
Tue Feb 3 17:40:55 PST 2004

I am sure the site is great. As a matter of fact, from the pictures, it is
probably the best site a Gothic War will be held in regards to the terrain.
I have no problems with the "site" itself other than the gate and noise
policy, but that is minor, hopefully.

Allow me to "clarify" something.

I guess what set wrong with me over the whole issue is the smug attitude
from several people when the location of the site was mentioned in regards
to distance.That is why I posted what I did. I understand the site price got
raised and for an event of this size it takes planning and a site needs to
be pinned down early etc. What I do not understand was the feeling I got
from people that basically seemed  to not take the full issues into
consideration and just dismiss it with responses along the line of, if
people like it they will come, it's a great site so it shouldn't matter blah
blah blah. That is a very good attitude to have when you still have 3 hours
or less to get to the site. I am sure those same people would have a
different attitude if it was their concerns and the situation was reversed.

Just for the record, I think the site is nice and I am sure it will be a
great turnout and hopefully the weather will play nice.


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