[Bonwicke] RE: Crescent Wrench I

Charlie Cain larkinokane at cox.net
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Sorry you couldn't make it Bridget. I'll recap what I recall of the general
meeting. I'm sure there are others with better recollections than mine who
can add to and correct.

Yes, Crescent Wrench II in six months. The plan is to hold Bi-Annual
meetings hosted in turn by each shire in order; and chaired by the Regional
Crossroads, [hosted this one]
Mendersham, [hosts the next one in six months]
Trelac, [six months later, etc....]

Mendersham is putting in a bid for the next Red Tape
Trelac and Crossrode Keep are bidding on Crown Tourney.

Gothic War was discussed.
Ryah passed out forms for people to use in searching for suitable sites. She
is building a database of sites that the region can use. If you didn't get a
form and wish one then say so. They are available.  www.sca.org  has forms
in PDF format that you can use to pass out to prospective site owners.
Mendersham and Adlersruhe are putting on this Gothic.  Adlersruhe and
Bonwicke are putting on the one after that.
It was discussed and decided that the financial committee of the sponsoring
group decides how the profits of their Gothic are distributed.

Several very informative classes were held

That's my recollections. If anyone else can add to it then please pitch in.


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> Glad to hear it. Would have been there but life stepped in and handed us a
> small crisis.
> So, will there be Crescent Wrench II in six months?
> Bridget
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