[Bonwicke] Crescent Wrench Thanks and What Went On

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Sun Feb 8 20:19:04 PST 2004

Thanks to everyone who came to Crescent Wrench I. Thanks to Elizabeth for
her help in coordinating .  Thank you, Crossrode Keep for the excellent
lunch and great place to have the first Crescent Wrench.  And most of all,
to all the instructors who took the time to prepare classes, and give them.,
Baron Gavin, Baroness Sayfiye, Lord Svendrogen, Lord Angus, Sir Aaron,
Baroness Anastasia, Lord Rufus, Lord Agnarr, Lady Adelaide,  and Baron
Chiang.  Would someone from Crossrode Keep please give word fame to those
who sat gate, had coffee, cookies and donuts ready for everyone first thing
in the morning, fixed the lunch and took care of site cleanup?  My apoligies
to you all for not noting who was doing what part.  I am extremely grateful
for all of your work, done so well and so smoothly.

These are my notes from the general meeting.  Ashly was kind enough to send
me hers, also, and I got to add a few more details.  Please correct and add
anything that I missed.  Lord Angus has said that he will post them on a web
page, so they will be available.

Meeting opened about 9:45
>From Baron Gavin, WR Seneschal
 We need to address and fix the apathy in local groups.  Same people do all
the local offices and work in local groups.  Burnout danger.  Need better
coordination and support in the region
  Treasurer's reports:  *Have to be on time*.  If it is going to be late,
call.  Money handling is serious.  Late is unacceptable to Kingdom and BoD.
If you are having trouble with the reports and filling them out, call Gavin
and he or Sayfiye help you do the forms on Excell
 Seneschal Reports.  Are now on line.  They are simple to fill out.  If you
are having problems that you don't particulally want to go up the line, call
Gavin personally and talk it over.
 Waivers.  Since we are playing by California corporate laws, we have to do
them, and they have to be sent forward when they are filled out.  They have
been presented in several courts, and lawsuits against the SCA thrown out
because of them.  Knight Marshal needs to send in waivers to Kingdom .  If
no fighter practices are being held,  let the regional Knight Marshal know/

  Treasurers Reports, Seneschal reports, and Waivers are crash landings if
they are not done.

Baron Kainin is the WR rep for raising funds for Ansteorra 25th Year.  He
asks that all of us think of ways and do stuff at events, etc between now
and June to raise money for boht 25th Year and the 25th Year Fireworks

Discussion of WR Calender Web Site.  Lord Angus will set up the web site.
Will be on the Kingdom website.  He and Lord Byron will coordinate the
calendar.  We will be listing info about all WR demos, events, etc.  Will
cut down or eliminate conflicts of dates in the WR.  Also be a permanent
place that we can look what's going on in the Region.  Especially good for
non-calendar events like newcomer's days, sewing bees, demos, etc.  HL
Larkin to automatic send out calendar events thru WR list.  Suggestion to
make link to WR calendar from each group's webpage.  Should be a post soon
on the WR list how to set up the link.  WR Chronicler, Lord Byron is in
charge of this.  Send information to Ld Angus, he will help Ld Byron out
with putting it on the webpage.

Crescent Wrench setup.  Was a good idea.
When:  Was thought that twice a year, soon after Kingdom's Red Tape would be
best idea. Was suggested to do it quarterly.  Majority thought that
quarterly would be too many.  Date should be set so most can attend.
Where:  WR groups will host in alphabetical order.  We started with
Crossrode Keep.  So order after this one will be:
    Crossrode Keep
How:  Sponsoring group will find site, and pay for it if necessary.
Who:  WR Seneschal responsible for getting instructors, setting up classes,
running general meeting.  Local Seneschal responsible for rest.

Was noted that at Red Tape, that Kingdom Officers were required to attend.
We need Regional Officers to all attend CW, and give classes on their
offices.  The Regional Officers or a representative really need to come.
Local officers really need to come too.  Is a way to get communication
between groups going, and work out problems.  Will be a good opportunity for
groups to get together and support each other.  Also good learning for
people who are not officers.  (HE Sayfiye's SCA 101 was great<G>

Kingdom Level Event Bids so far, either in or soon to be in:
Fall Crown list:  Trelac and Crossrode Keep
Red Tape:  Mendersham

 Is important to put in a good bid for any kingdom event.  just because the
region is scheduled for its turn to hold a kingdom event, does not mean that
it will be awarded to a group in the region if a good bid is not submitted.

I handed out forms to everyone to use to go and record sites that could be
used for events here in the region.  i will send you copies of the form if
you don't have one or if you run out and forget to copy your last blank
one<G>.  When people find a site, and get information on them, if they send
them back to me, i will put all the information in a data base, and make the
information available to the whole region on a regular basis at each CW.  a
few items needed to be added to the form:  directions to site, contact at
site and phone #, trash pickup - is it private or public
There is a downloadable pamphlet on the www.sca.org to show to site owners.
it explains what we do at our events

Gothic Wars
 Order of groups sponsoring Gothic is alphabetical.  Will get back to normal
order when Adlersrue sponsors 2005.

Said would post Site directions to Hord's Creek Park.  From I-20, take US 83
to Coleman.  Turn West on FM  (1st stoplight -83 turns east.  you will turn
off 83.  aproximately 8 miles from Coleman, you will see a sign for Hord's
Creek Resevior, (left turn).

Questions about gate being locked at 10.  we will provide pickups to ferry
people's stuff to site.  hopefully, after Mendersham's defender held there
in May, they will let us sit at the vehicle gate with a key.  this is a new
site.  people have to get to know us before they will do this for us.

Quiet hours, 10p-6am.  area is somewhat secluded.  thing is to not tick off
the neighbors so they call the cops.  it will be labor day weekend.  i don't
think that the park will be all that quiet mundanely either.  this is
something too, that we will have much better answers after defender.

There was discussion of putting Gothic on the Kingdom Calendar as a
multigroup event.  Having the autocrat and co-autocrat's groups be the

Money from Gothic.  What to do with the net profit is up to the sponsoring
group's seneschal and financial committee.

Regional Events and announcements:
Crossrode Keep Heraldry and Scribal Arts in Big Springs 1st Weekend in
Get your Gulf Wars information to Agnarr ASAP.
Britta - new WR Knight Marshal.  email:  westernkm at yahoo.com
Crossrode has an upcoming demo in May - bardic and fashion, at Commache Park
Mendersham - demos at Celebrate Abilene  in April and Balloon Fest in
Agnarr asked about pitching in to plant trees on a former golf course that's
being turned into a site.  he'll post to time and date on the WR list.


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