[Bonwicke] Bonwicke's Pavilions in the Park

Kevin Womack captain_jasperc at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 21:55:55 PST 2004

Greetings Unto the West,

This coming Sunday Feb. 15th will mark the first of
hopefully many new and improved gatherings for
Bonwicke at our Sunday practice site. Everyone from
the Western Region is invited and are encouraged to
bring any pavilions, friends, Arts and Sciences
projects,heraldric banners and period games to the
park this Sunday beginning at 2pm. Fighters both heavy
and light are encouraged to bring their armor and
weapons to grace the fields of the site which is sure
to be surrounded by pagentry and lovely ladies for
which to fight for. I challenge each and every current
populace member of Bonwicke and the West to bring a
friend to this gathering on Sunday. Drummers bring
your drums, belly dancers bring your...bellies! This
is not going to be your average run of the mill
fighter practice. There will be fighting for sure but
I also expect to see lots of color and costuming as
well as period activities. The magic of the game here
in Bonwicke needs a jump start and
this is it! I am hoping to bring back the Sundays from
the days of old, when Sunday was not just for fighters
but was for everyone. I will be onsite at 1:30 to set
up the Baronial Pavilion any help would be
appreciated. I hope to see everyone there.

Lord Jasper Codrington
Baronial Knight Marshal

PS: I will be holding the field against all
challengers.(Fighting heavy of course!)

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