[Bonwicke] FW: [RN] Rapier Waterbearers for Gulf War

Jesus Cavazos toshirokoi at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 09:18:01 PST 2004

For those of you who are going and think there is nothing for you to do. 
Please think of this. Several times we rapier fighters have had no water 
bearers, water, juice, or anything. We had to go out and ***** until we got 
what we needed. And then we had to water ourselfs. So, if you're out there 
with nothing to do, please do this. We need you.


REMEMBER: Gulf is only 20 days away.

>Greetings from Lady Finna Haldansdottir, waterbearer-in-charge GW XIII,
>I am hoping that you will pass along the following  message to any and all  
>chats,lists, groups that you can.  I appreciate your help in this matter 
>and am hoping to rally the rapier communities in this endeavor.
>Thank you for your help,
>Unto the Rapier Communities doth Lady Finna Halfdansdottir, Kingdom  
>Waterbearer of Meridies and Waterbearer-in-Charge GW XIII send warmest  
>My Lords and Ladies,
>I would like to welcome you to the upcoming rapier activities of Gulf Wars  
>XIII.  As always, I will strive to provide you with the best waterbearing  
>services possible!  To this end, I would like to ask for your help.
>It is an odd phenomenon that I am faced with regarding waterbearing and the 
>  rapier community.  Unfortunately, I am always lacking in volunteers to  
>waterbear for rapier and I can not begin to understand why.
>Perhaps the populace believes you are well able to take care of yourselves? 
>  Perhaps the populace gives rapier fighters credit for knowing when to 
>stop and
>water themselves?  Whatever the thought process, when given the choice, the 
>  volunteers invariably choose heavy weapons over rapier.
>I would ask that you, the fighters, help with this endeavor by encouraging  
>your friends and families to volunteer to waterbear for rapier.  It is my 
>that we can encourage the spectators of your sport to assist you in that  
>manner.   If you would all be so kind as to pass along this request to  
>everyone you know that is even remotely involved in rapier I believe that 
>we  will have plenty of volunteers.
>It stands to reason that the people who volunteer to waterbear the heavy  
>weapons battles enjoy watching the heavy weapons fighting.  Perhaps if we 
>encourage the same from the rapier spectators we can stem this lack of  
>volunteers and ensure that the rapier fighters are always well hydrated!
>As WbiC for GW XII and now GW XIII, it is and will always be my goal to  
>provide the same supplies and services to the rapier fighters as the heavy  
>weapons fighters.  You should expect no less!
>I appreciate your time and patience in this matter.  For any inquiries 
>please do not hesitate to contact me at:   water at meridies.org
>Yours in Service,
>Lady Finna Halfdansdottir

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